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April 24, 2015

Dear Joe:

I appreciated your counsel and patience over the past few weeks as I debated updating my hearing aids.  It's difficult changing to another hearing aid especially when it costs a lot more than the one being replaced.  As a result of wearing the demonstrator Oticon (Alta)PRO 2 and Nera models in various listening environments, I was able to understand the advantages of each and, while it is the most expensive model, I became convinced the Oticon (Alta)PRO2 was everything you and the manufacturer claimed it would be.  The (Alta)PRO 2 performed exceedingly well in my testing environments, and I hope they will also have the reliability expected in a top-of-the-line product such as this.


Thanks again for the recommendation and expert advice.


Also, please let April know that she is an asset to your office and and outsanding interface with your clients.



D.B. Palm Springs

October 20, 2017
One patient today reported being happier since he has his hearing instruments. He is very grateful for his ability to hear better and never

wants to be without his hearing instruments.

April 7, 2020

Dear Tammy,

Words cannot express my continuing appreciation for your fine service with my recent purchase of hearing aids from your firm.  I did not realize just how much my deteriorating hearing capability was affecting all aspects of my life until last November when I was expertly fitted with those amazing devices by you.


I am now able to once again enjoy music and movies as they were meant to be heard and it is no longer dificult nor awkward to hear and understand conversation in social situations.  The TV/audi streaming device is amazing as it allows me to hear the full range of sound without distrurbing others in my home.

As technology advances, rest assured you have made a client for life.  I am very impressed with the Oticon line of hearing aids.  And your expertise and personalized service are tops in my book!
B.M.  Cathedral City, CA


September 9, 2016
Wow! That is what I think of first.

I have worn hearing aids for about 30years.  I have what is called "profound" hearing loss.

Eight months ago I tried new aids they were to be the very best.  Maybe for some people but not for me.

Then I saw the ad for "brain hearing".  I made an appointment and now I am wearing Oticon aids and wow, I am hearing things I have not heard in years. 

Working with Tammy has been wonderful she is very nice & understanding.

I can hear so much better now. Thank you Palm Springs Hearing Aid Center, Tammy and most of all Oticon.
L. N. Desert Hot Springs

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