Frequently Asked Questions About Hearing Aids in Palm Springs, CA

At Palm Springs Hearing Aid Center, we know you have many questions about hearing instruments and the process of choosing and evaluating the hearing aid that’s right for you. Let some of these frequently asked questions guide your decision, then schedule an appointment for a free, comprehensive hearing exam.


Why Do We Have Two Ears?


Our dual ears act as a receiving station for the brain. They are able to detect signals coming from different directions.


If our ears pick up the sound of an approaching vehicle as one example, our brain can determine from which direction the vehicle is coming. If we only have one ear functioning as it should, the exact location of the sound will be unclear. Also speech is better understood when our hearing is functioning properly in both ears. Speech heard only with one ear can sound flat and does not possess its rich nuances. Therefore we see the value of our hearing working as it should so that we may have the full quality of life that we all desire.


Are There Differing Degrees of Hearing Loss?


A person with a MILD hearing loss has difficulty hearing soft sounds and finds understanding speech in a noisy environment very challenging.


A person with a MODERATE hearing loss has difficulty hearing soft sounds as well as moderately loud sounds and has much difficulty understanding speech especially with background noise present.


A person with a SEVERE hearing loss has much difficulty understanding speech unless the speaker raises their voice. To be able to converse in a group setting is possible only with great effort.


A person with a PROFOUND hearing loss can only hear speech with a hearing instrument although very loud sounds may be audible without one.


Hearing loss does affect speech understanding and in many situations one with a hearing loss may say "I can hear but I can't understand what someone is saying." Or they may say "I wish people wouldn't mumble; people should learn to speak more clearly."


What Can I Expect From a Hearing Test?


The test is conducted with a measuring instrument called an audiometer. The purpose of the test is to record the degree of hearing loss a person may have. As both ears work independently, each ear will be tested separately. Tones are presented at various frequencies at different levels, from very soft to loud. This will be accomplished by means of headphones or foam inserts placed in the ears. Also tested will be speech recognition or understanding. The results of this test are recorded in the form of a sound audiogram.


What If It Is Determined It Would Be Helpful For Me To Wear A Hearing Instrument?


The choice and recommendation of a hearing instrument is determined by the shape of the ear, the degree of an individual’s hearing loss as well as one’s lifestyle.


Each hearing device has at least one microphone which will pick up sounds from the environment. An amplifier transforms the signal which will compensate for the hearing loss and a receiver which delivers the signal into a persons’ ear canal.


Digital technology has been very instrumental in making hearing devices more convenient and more comfortable for ones today who can benefit from their use. These instruments contain computer chips which can be programmed while the individual is in the hearing specialist office. Now one has the advantage of a hearing device more precisely tuned for their specific hearing loss and needs.


What Is The Cost of A Hearing Instrument?


The price starts at $995.00. A person has available to them different features and additional technology that will determine the actual cost of the instrument.


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